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A thick shock of white hair and a real mustache have replaced the Dutch-boy wig and detachable walrus he wore as a 28-year-old actor when the show began.The Captain bounded up the stairs to Playspace, an indoor playground for children 6 and younger on upper Broadway, and posed for pictures surrounded by toys in a sandbox.During a two-hour play date one recent afternoon, the Captain looked terrific.In a blue blazer considerably smaller than his famous on-air jacket with its marsupial-size pockets, he cut a trim and relaxed figure."I hate the business, but I love the creative aspect," Mr.Keeshan said, adding, "I'd go back tomorrow." As both Captain Kangaroo and Bob Keeshan, he energetically pushes his message.The agency's position is that because it bought out Mr. Getting on television wasn't quite so difficult in 1955, when Mr.Keeshan leapt from a supporting role on "Howdy Doody" and two local New York shows to become the star of his own CBS series, broadcast nationally and live from 8 to 9 A. After being dropped by CBS, the show continued on PBS.

"I would much rather go the Captain route because my life is there.

He travels most of the year, testifying before Congress, appearing at benefits as the Captain, accepting honorary degrees, helping corporate child-care programs and lecturing on children's issues.

He is writing a series of books for Fairview Press that includes a "Family Fun Activity Book" published last August.

Keeshan was offered to major networks but that none wanted to buy it.

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The executive added that some producers had expressed interest in the material, possibly with a new actor in the role.

It's my life's work." But if necessary, he will move on, he said, and already has a new -- but still secret -- name in mind.