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31-Jul-2017 01:27

I discovered the reason for this was that the checkers at Ikea are so incredibly slow that they could double as manikins.

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), so we worked our way through the crowds, found the correct aisle and pulled the both the boxes just like the info sheet said; box 1 of 2 and box 2 of 2.I unbox everything and check it against the inventory.Everything is accounted for and I start putting the bed together.If you buy anything from there, don't ever expect it to last for a long time. Though I did not get vertigo, the atmosphere inside a Tandy Corp. I found the quality to be average, but can't be picky given the price.

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I have seen furniture pieces sold at K-Mart that would out last what Ikea sells. Nor was it the structure; Incredible Universe was a flop, and Tandy sold it to Fry's Electronics. "Incredible Universe" in Sacramento, California was not conducive to shopping. Stuff is easy to find in the "warehouse", every item has the warehouse location marked.So it was a miscalculation from the get go and that's why I went through that whole ordeal. Ikea isn't for everyone but they do have decent stuff, especially if you need furniture for small spaces. Going to return a under the bed drawer tomorrow as it was damaged out of the box.