What is intimidating

05-Jun-2017 01:45

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Betchen some of the things he has heard clients describe to him as the qualities they look for in a woman.“While change continues in the gender arena, many men still use words like: pretty, sweet, affectionate, and sexy, along with the usual ‘bodily descriptions.’ It all sounds as if they’re describing a ‘feminine ideal.’ But beauty and attraction are subjective.

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There is a wide range of opinion among the men I spoke to. When talking to the guys, things like height and perception of physical strength were listed as qualities men could be intimidated by, if they felt she was better or even equally endowed in these areas.

There are some poses you may never be able to do, but there are plenty you will be able to do, and even more that you will be able to do with more practice. If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing any way you can.

Yet, he never missed a morning parade and developed a strong desire to make the TA a place where soldiers learned, became better people and had such a good time that they wanted to come back for more the next year.… continue reading »

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